Integrated Coastal Living

South Oceans™ coastal living enclave will boast an inventory of stunning villas, residences and hotel rooms topping 5,000 units, over a 10-year plan.


In addition to this wide-scale development within Asia's first and only single land tract of 1200 acres and 5.5km unblocked ocean views are 500 retail shops and commercial entities covering the gamut of food, drink, fashion, kids, hobbies, services and all things lifestyle-themed.


The total development value is approximately RM$2.75 billion


In short, the world's coolest coastal living destination will provide for a complete provision of top-class amenities to attend to every whim and comfort. Get ready to live mere steps away from untouched shorelines and postcard-perfect South China Sea where warm pristine waters set the stage for deep sea fishing and reef visits whilst seamlessly meshed with natural verdant lush.


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