Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is now the best time to invest in SOUTH OCEANS™?

South Oceans™ is part of the East Economic Zone. Hence growth in real estate value is expected to grow at least 10 per cent per annum.


Additionally, a broad marketing spectrum to brand South Oceans™ will drive capital gains upwards.


2. With the Malaysia Ringgit at an all-time low, is buying or investing in a property or land in South Oceans™ worthwhile?
Now is the time to buy. Purchase low and sell high in two years when currency exchange value sees a correction to 2014 levels.
3. Upon purchasing a unit at South Oceans™ will buyer receive the 10-year renewable visa? Just for myself? Or can this be applied to my family?

South Oceans™ will assist the buyers and investors to secure the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) status which offers non-Malaysians a 10-year renewable visa.


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