Your Kids Dreamland

Think of South Oceans™ as one vast children’s playground!


From the minute your kids step off a South Oceans™ private seaplane or arrive in style in a Jumanji Adventure Jeep, the coolest coastal destination in the world is transformed into the most epic theme park, ever.


Kids will have a whale of a time skimming at South Oceans™ custom-range fun-slides as they will splashing about in paddle-boats and oversized inflatable water rollers.


Kuala Rompin’s warm waters afford a prolific marine habitat. South Oceans™ organizes diving jaunts for kids with dive specialty instructors and handlers on board to ensure optimal safety and precaution.


The world’s longest waterhole is located in the heart of South Oceans™. Kids will get to raft down 200 metres of hydro-speed funnel slide.

South Oceans™ first of two star attractions is Asia’s first and only Jumanji Adventure Park. Jungle elements spring to life as kids and families encounter “danger” as “hordes of wild animals cause mayhem” and “stampede” across sweeping expanse of tropical forest and wilderness. Try and evade “monsoons” if you can or a raging infernal “volcano” as it spews plumes of ash and lava.


South Oceans™ other star attraction is the fictional Neverland come-to-life Peter Pan Forever Island. Located on a carved parcel of land surrounded by a moat of river drawn freshwater, kids get to be Peter Pan in the world’s first and only Neverland themed park. Meet Tinker Bell and The Lost Boys and get lost in a wonderland of eternal childhood and immortality. Visit the Mermaids Lagoon, get trapped on Marooners Rock or simply sail onboard Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger.



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