South Oceans™ is the Coolest and Largest Eco Oceanfront Living in the World. Imagine your very own exclusive private ocean setting where pristine sand meets azure skies. And live amidst a boundless oceanfront that you can call your own. Juxtaposed by matching verdant lush, a home in South Oceans™ is the place to restore and rejuvenate, partake and play.


Latitude 2° 49' 0" N. Longitude 103° 29' 0" E.


South Oceans™ is located at Kuala Rompin, Malaysia. Just across from the resort island of Tioman, South Oceans™ is a living enclave of 1200 acres of residential and commercial land. A visionary first in the world, South Oceans™ offers 5.5 km of unblocked, unparalleled vistas of the South China Sea.


South Oceans™ is the brainchild of a consortium of Malaysian and Singaporean shareholders entrenched in the real estate business. Led by industry veterans, South Oceans™ is a master development accelerator with luxury residential components as the key strategic investment cluster, backed by a slew of first-in-the-world themed attractions to build bankable equity value.


Inventive in concept and first to offer for development, co-development and direct consumer purchase, South Oceans™ is a real estate investment instrument unrivalled in Asia and the world.


South Oceans™ fiscal goal is to translate investment into measurable good capital gains


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