world’s Most Comprehensive wellness Village

Retreat and take refuge in the world’s most comprehensive wellness village – your secluded haven that is your sanctuary to heal and recharge.


At South Oceans™, we believe in the doctrine of total wellbeing and this can only be attained with the best in curative programs customized for each individual’s health and physical needs. Find peace in a place of calmness and serenity as our team of therapists knead your tightly knotted muscles and apply organically curated tonics on your tired body.


We offer complete preventive programs staffed by a team of internationally trained of holistic healers. Total spa-physiotherapy and chiropractic programs will empower you our vaunted client to feel salved and eased.


Last but not least and the piece de resistance – our spa menu that offers 365 varieties of remedies, for adults and kids! Select from an extensive tariff of modern and traditional treatments or better still, have our spa specialist prescribe a custom-concocted cure.


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