The Best 12 Things That Make South Oceans™ The Coolest Lifestyle Destination, Ever

Step into South Oceans™ interactive Live & Play Vision Book to discover a living & lifestyle, entertainment & seafaring hideaway geared for adults, families and kids.


1. Your Home –
Your Seamless Beachfront Living Space

Parcels of land within South Oceans™ are available for sale, development and co-development. Private and institutional investors can expect entry-level acquisition outlays to realise exceptional capital gains.

The central vision for South Oceans™ is rooted in the belief that an innovative approach to real estate value creation lies in scale of land size carved into thematic clusters to achieve generous living spaces for the purposes of refuge and retreat.


South Oceans™ is a horizontal oasis of natural elements that include lush surroundings that looks on to a commanding ocean expanse teeming with marine life and nature.

The mandate for creating a collective lifestyle habitat rests on a design and architectural milieu comprising of a scenic-intended sanctuary to ease and appease the body and soul.


2 Paradise Islands

As the name suggests, South Oceans™ Paradise Islands is a verdant themed enclave within South Oceans™ that dedicates design and architecture towards Good-Class Bungalows.


3. The Coast Hotel & Residences

Visitors and tourists will find staying at The Coast Hotel & Residences resplendent of the comforts of the world’s top leading luxury hotels.


4. Your Therapy

Yes indeed. We are talking about retail therapy! Spend hours shopping for the latest in fashion at our very own boutique belt or browse through curated antiquities and locally sourced souvenirs. More than 500 brands


5. Your Garden – An Oasis of Nature

Make no mistake. A stay or visit at South Oceans™ is a call on verdurous, lush landscaping orchestrated to present a natural ecosystem of plants and foliage indigenous to Kuala Rompin.


Expect bushels of fruit trees ripe for the picking, and swathes of virgin rainforest canopies as they provide natural shade and nesting to squirrels, birds and monkeys!

And finally as a coastal destination, South Oceans™ pristine beachfront is your definitive saltwater sanctum as soothing waves softly break against your partly immersed timber lounge chair


6. Your Front Yard

Rise and shine from your beachfront hotel room or private residence to a sand crusted front yard seething with scenic vestiges of local fishermen mending their nets.


During your fun-filled day in one of South Oceans™ themed park attractions, you may find yourself looking out to pockets of local cottage industries meshing dried fish cakes otherwise and eponymously known as keropok lekor, and curing racks of salted fish along Kuala Rompin’s shoreline.


7. Your Family’s Wellness

Retreat and take refuge in the world’s most comprehensive wellness village – your secluded haven that is your sanctuary to heal and recharge.


At South Oceans™, we believe in the doctrine of total wellbeing and this can only be attained with the best in curative programs customized for each individual’s health and physical needs. Find peace in a place of calmness and serenity as our team of therapists knead your tightly knotted muscles and apply organically curated tonics on your tired body.


We offer complete preventive programs staffed by a team of internationally trained of holistic healers. Total spa-physiotherapy and chiropractic programs will empower you our vaunted client to feel salved and eased.

Last but not least and the piece de resistance – our spa menu that offers 365 varieties of remedies, for adults and kids! Select from an extensive tariff of modern and traditional treatments or better still, have our spa specialist prescribe a custom-concocted cure.


8. Your Kids’ Dreamland Filled With A Zillion Adventures

Think of South Oceans™ as one vast children’s playground!


From the minute your kids step off a South Oceans™ private seaplane or arrive in style in a Jumanji Adventure Jeep, the coolest coastal destination in the world is transformed into the most epic theme park, ever.


Kids will have a whale of a time skimming at South Oceans™ custom-range fun-slides as they will splashing about in paddle-boats and oversized inflatable water rollers.


Kuala Rompin’s warm waters afford a prolific marine habitat. South Oceans™ organizes diving jaunts for kids with dive specialty instructors and handlers on board to ensure optimal safety and precaution.


The world’s longest waterhole is located in the heart of South Oceans™. Kids will get to raft down 200 metres of hydro-speed funnel slide.

South Oceans™ first of two star attractions is Asia’s first and only Jumanji Adventure Park. Jungle elements spring to life as kids and families encounter “danger” as “hordes of wild animals cause mayhem” and “stampede” across sweeping expanse of tropical forest and wilderness. Try and evade “monsoons” if you can or a raging infernal “volcano” as it spews plumes of ash and lava.


South Oceans™ other star attraction is the fictional Neverland come-to-life Peter Pan Forever Island. Located on a carved parcel of land surrounded by a moat of river drawn freshwater, kids get to be Peter Pan in the world’s first and only Neverland themed park. Meet Tinker Bell and The Lost Boys and get lost in a wonderland of eternal childhood and immortality. Visit the Mermaids Lagoon, get trapped on Marooners Rock or simply sail onboard Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger.


9. Your Playground

Arrive at South Oceans™ in style and dock your luxury craft at your very own designated berth. The waters off Kuala Rompin is your unspoilt oceanic playground with South Oceans™ private marina offering world-class yachting facilities to cater to your every whim. Top-of-the-range luxury amenities complete your nautical adventure and stay on the coolest coastline in the world.


The seas off South Ocean™ offer a prolific inventory of big game saltwater fish. Get set to tackle and reel in the likes of tuna, marlin, swordfish and trout off one of South Oceans™ very own luxury fleet of cruisers. South Oceans™ practices good conservation sustainability of catch and release.


It is no coincidence South Oceans™ is located just across from the fabled island of Tioman. The surrounding warm waters make for perfect islet jaunts and reef diving.


10. Your Dining Experience

There is no better way to cap each superlative moment at South Oceans™ without the lure of epicurean experiences at South Oceans™ milieu of accolade winning restaurants and bistros.


Michelin rated chefs play host to a wide-ranging culinary diversity suited to every tastebud. Dress up to dine and if not, South Oceans™ all-day café over the sea serves up pots of fresh shrimp and clams, and platters of just-caught crustacean served with a slew of sauces.


Curated wine collections from South Oceans™ cellar afford for tasting sessions hosted by world-class wine-growers from the regions of Rhone and Loire in France, and the famed provinces of La Rioja and Catamarca of Argentina.


Food stockists specializing in organic produce and gourmet tiered groceries are located at convenient pockets all over this exciting enclave.


Evenings in South Oceans™ are not without buzz and nighttime activity. Check in first into a wine bar or pub for a couple of drinks before heading down to South Oceans™ beachfront disco for the latest summer house mix powered by a roster of known DJs from around the world.


11. Your Inspiration

South Oceans™ could very well be your muse for all things inventive and creative. South Oceans™ Breeze Deck is the place for the best minds to meet and raise cutting-edge ideas for that all-too-important business conference, or company incentive trip.


South Oceans™ Leaders Summit – the first of its kind in the world – will be a repository of the best and most ambitious minds as they collectively pool together the best leadership thoughts and views. Expect much fanfare as seats are limited and as international press flock to cover and interview some of the world’s elite captains of industry.


12. South Oceans™ Competitive Sports

The inaugural South Oceans™ Global Sail-Fishing Competition is expected to draw finalists from all over the world. Fleets of international luxury motor-craft are expected to moor at South Oceans™ as they prime themselves for a month long festive period of the best pitting against each other for the biggest haul.


The biggest regatta of Asia will be another notable South Oceans™ maritime event. This large-scale sports festival will see rowed and sailed water craft partake in a race up the coastline of the South China Sea. A host of activities for visitors, families and kids include outdoor music concerts and plays, sustainable farming sessions, reef visits and island hopping, beachside seafood barbecues and buffets, artisanal cuisines by the local community, and flea markets.


The annual 4x4 Big Foot 4-Wheel Drive Sand Dune Adventure will see mammoth trucks with oversized winches demonstrate their dust-up driving skills over some of the most challenging dirt tracks in the world. The event will feature exhibits and live driving demos by the world’s top automobile and motorcycle brands.

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