09th May 2016
First parcel of commercial land available for purchase in July 2016

MALAYSIA, May 2016: South Oceans™, the coolest and largest eco oceanfront living development in the world, is set to launch its first phase for sale in July 2016. Named Wave Boulevard, it consists of 113 land parcels and 314 Retail Cabana Boutiques, set in 30.6 acres of commercial land, that are all available for purchase.


South Oceans™ occupies a 1,200-acre site in Kuala Rompin, along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and is made up of 11 different sections. Among them is Wave Boulevard, located immediately beside the theme park Kids Dreamland and Jumanji Adventure Park, which is targeted to be completed by 2019. It will have the following products available for sale:


  • Retail Cabana Boutiques, sized at a minimum of 500sqft, with prices starting from RM290,000 (inclusive of build-up cost)
  • Land parcels for boutique hotel development and speciality shops, sized at a minimum of 3,000sqft, with land prices starting from RM190,000


Central to Retail Cabana Boutiques is the focus on food and beverage concepts by celebrity chefs and mixologists. Expect to find international experts in the culinary arts who will visit to present special menus. These include ones from Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Korea. For instance, kicking things off is “Fun with The Stars”, done in collaboration with a Korean TV station, and is part of the Celebrity Food Concepts programme that will be launched.


The land parcels in Wave Boulevard are reserved for boutique hotels that will accommodate the one million expected visitors to South Oceans™. A major attraction for them is Jumanji Adventure Park, which will be completed by 2018. Made up of 450 acres of forest, it will offer jeep-based adventures and a zip-line track to allow kids to have a bird’s eye view of the tropical jungle, with its “wild animals” and an “active volcano”.


South Oceans™ is owned by Kairos & Dashen Resources (Rompin) Bhd, a Malaysian entity led by Directors. Under their charge, it has been voted as “The Coolest Attraction in the World” by CNN and Travel + Leisure. They are also responsible for shaping the project so that the price of its land has increased from S$6 psf in 2010, to S$350 psf in just five years.


Now, at the helm of South Oceans™, the duo is inviting investors and buyers to cash-in on early stages of the growth cycle to realise exceptional returns on investment. “South Oceans™ will be one of the top 20 destinations in the world. With over 750 acres of commercial land, it will be developed over seven years. Wave Boulevard is the first of the commercial land parcels we are putting up for sale. We urge you to buy into this opportunity now, before prices go up,” says Director.


South Oceans™ is set across from the resort island of Tioman, offering 5.5km of unblocked vistas of the South China Sea. Access is easily attained through a variety of transport modes including jetting in by private seaplane, or sailing in by yacht. Alternatively, the nearby airport on Tioman Island and Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport in Kuantan offer domestic and international connections.


The project is divided into 11 sections that comprise residential and commercial components, including Paradise Island reserved for Good Class Bungalows, and a wellness sanctuary. Great lengths have been taken to ensure the architecture artfully blends into the surrounding nature, but remains contemporary.


At every turn, South Oceans™ is teeming with activities waiting to be experienced. Take a stroll along the 15km-long Timeless Coastal Walk that runs parallel to unspoilt beaches; sign-up for a safari adventure to explore the coastline and forest; or go wild boar hunting in the jungle. For those who prefer to be on or in the water, go diving, tour the depths of the seas in a submarine, reel in the magnificent sail fish that swim the waters off Rompin, or catch the breeze with a yacht. Alternatively, a chain of offshore islands is accessible by sea plane, fringed with virgin beaches waiting to be discovered.


Yet, South Oceans™ also has a tranquil side. It has partnered with Adval Capital to set-up the Most Comprehensive Wellness Sanctuary, where weary souls can retreat to restore and rejuvenate their bodies. Elsewhere, retail therapy is available where hours can be spent purchasing the latest fashion and homeware in the shops found in Wave Boulevard. When done, head for F&B therapy by satiating the palate in one of the many restaurants and bars. But for the ultimate me-time, there is nothing compared to reading on the beach, especially when there is 5.5km worth of it to choose from.




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